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Kanisa App

What Is Kanisa App?

This is a digital product powered by GTBank, which brings convenience and mobility to its users, with consideration in the dynamic technology trends and desirable lifestyles. 


Who is this product for?

This product has been designed with the church and its members in mind.


How do the church members benefit from the Kanisa App?

The Kanisa App provides a platform where church members can make transactions and contributions anytime, anywhere, avoiding inconveniences that come with having to walk around with cash

The App ensures church members can interact with the church from any place at their convenience


How does the church benefit from the Kanisa App (Advantages):

  • Improved efficiency in collection and management of church contributions
  • Reduced cost of handling Cash i.e. no CIT required.
  • Reduces costs for sending SMS notifications to church congregants since this can be done through the App for free
  • No maintenance/joining fees since they are neither charged for the  App nor usage fees
  • Increased revenue streams from online sales of religious books, DVDs, articles, music purchases etc.
  • Will ease information reach from the administration to the congregants
  • Will reduce advertisement costs since events will be posted on the APP thus congregants can access the information.
  • This will attract more tech survey youths to the church, since it will transform the church to a digital church
  • Church departments can easily share information on meetings arrangements and can chat on church matters directly from the App
  • Allows live streaming from social media sites thus enhancing reach of the word of God

How does the Kanisa App work?

Church members:

The Kanisa App is driven by three main factors:

It is easily accessible on all internet enabled phones

It is accessible on a wide reach of smart phones

It incorporates a wider reach of both Mastercard cards and VISA cards

Linked to M-pesa paybill to allow ease and convenience in various remittances or purchase payments via M-pesa


The Church

The church needs to open a settlement account with GTBank (K) Ltd.

Have/apply for an M-pesa paybill that will be linked to the GTBank (K) ltd account for settlements

Signup for GTPay (online payment platform) to allow member payments through MasterCard/Visa cards on the App


What capabilities does the Kanisa App have? (Features):

Church Contributions:

Enables the members to remit their contributions by making payments via GTPay (GTBank online payment platform through MasterCard and Visa Cards) or through the M-pesa Paybill.

The App has several customizable categories to fit the different contributions made such as tithes, offerings, special projects or as maybe defined by a specific church.



Allow the church members/departments within the Church to chat on spiritual matters and on other church activities between themselves or with the Church management team and within their respective prayer cells/ministries.



Allow uploading and downloading of church videos and photos taken during church events

Allow uploading & downloading of soft copies of the Bible, hymn books, testimonials, religious books & other publications on the App for access by the Church congregants.



Allow church members to access different sermons posted on the platform, that they may have missed on any given Sunday or day of the week.


News & Events:

Congregants are able to view the different upcoming or ongoing events in the Church.

They are also able to view other relevant information pertaining to a particular event.

Uploading and downloading of news related to upcoming and ongoing happenings within the church or any other church related items.


Online Store/Shop:

Members are able to purchase & pay online through the App for various religious items at any time and from anywhere such as spiritual books, Sermon DVDs and Gospel CDs and DVDs online.

Congregants will not have to walk into a physical store which is usually located within the church’s premises to purchases these items.


Social Media Links/Live stream:

Members are able to access and interact through the church’s social media pages such as instagram, Facebook and twitter from the church application.



Congregants are able to receive push notifications from the App whenever anything new is posted via the App by the church administration.



Allows different departmental units within the Church e.g. Choir, Praise and worship, Ushering, Intercessory, evangelism etc. to share and communicate important information without necessarily awaiting to meet physically on meeting days.

Church contact information. (About):

The church management can share their contact details and can even share a brief history on the church for access by the congregation.




+254 703 084 390/391