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This account will allow you to transact with ease in foreign currency and has the following benefits: 

  • Minimum opening and operating balance of USD 500 or its equivalent 
  • Account can be offered in GBP, USD and EURO
  •  Interest payable on balances above USD/GBP/ EURO 500 or its equivalent 
  • Free banking - No monthly service charge Monthly account maintenance fee of 4 USD/ GBP/ EURO if balance goes below minimum 
  • Free first cheque book available (stamp duty charged)
  •  No cash deposit charge 
  • 1 Free international debit and prepaid card 
  • Free credit card if minimum balance over USD 10,000 
  • 1 free international transfer or bankers cheque per month
  •  Free internet banking 
  • Preferential exchange rates
+254 703 084 390/391