Customer Service Week Celebration at Heart of Care Children’s Home

As part of the Customer Service Week celebrations, GTBank Kenya contributed essential items and volunteered at the Heart of Care Children’s Home in Githurai 44. The initiative aimed to support orphaned and vulnerable children in the home, and make a positive impact on their lives.

Heart of Care Children’s Home, located in Githurai 44, is dedicated to providing a safe haven for abandoned, orphaned, and lost children aged between 2 1/2 and 17 years. The home currently shelters 53 children and relies heavily on the support of well-wishers to meet their daily needs.

We actively engaged in various activities during the initiative, including:

  1. Meal Preparation and Sharing: Staff members participated in preparing and sharing meals with the children, ensuring they received nutritious food.
  2. Entertainment: Employees entertained the children through activities such as football, jump rope, and singing games, bringing joy and laughter to their day.
  3. Cleaning Activities: Volunteers participated in cleaning activities, contributing to the maintenance of the home's facilities.

Support Provided: In addition to volunteering their time, GTBank employees demonstrated their commitment by:

  1. Food Donation: The Bank contributed essential food items to support the nutritional needs of the children.
  2. Cash Contribution: Employees further supported the home by contributing cash, which was utilized to offset water bills, ensuring the children had access to clean water.

Our collective efforts aimed to make a positive impact on the lives of the children at Heart of Care. By providing essential items, volunteering their time, and contributing financially, the Bank and staff showed their dedication to supporting the valuable work carried out by the home. The Customer Service Week celebration at Heart of Care Children’s Home was a testament to GTBank's commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement.