About this Service

This payment solution:

  • Provides a convenient alternative payment channel to all customers 
  • Enables cardholders to pay merchants (our customers) for internet purchases of goods and services from the comfort of their offices/homes by supplying details of their local debit/credit cards
  • Ensures transaction amount is deducted from cards instantly and merchant's account credited within 48 hours


  • International Acceptance: GTPAY accepts both locally and internationally issued cards including Interswitch/Kenswitch, MasterCard and VISA.
  • Timely transaction processing: Merchants get value within 72 hours after transaction takes place.
  • GTPAY monitoring log: GTPAY comes with a unique, online monitoring dashboard that allows merchants view transactions as they occur.
  • No set up fee required
  • Convenient means of payment
  • Acceptance of both local and international cards
  • Global reach for merchants
  • Increased sales
  • Promotes cashless transactions

How to Apply

  • Fill the applicable Forms and drop them at any of our branches.
  • For further enquiries, kindly send an email to ebusinesske@gtbank.com