Kenya High School Chemistry Symposium

On 18th February 2023 the Kenya High School hosted a symposium for chemistry teachers from all over the country. The symposium was organized to provide chemistry teachers from all over the country an opportunity to gather, network, and share best practices. The event took place at the Kenya High School and was attended by over 200 teachers. It was aimed at helping teachers discover cutting-edge concepts, discuss education, and learn from each other's experiences.

The Bank sponsored the purchase of lanyards and refreshments (drinking water and soda).

Kenya High School was established in 1910 as the Nairobi European School, which was a co-educational school located in buildings designed for police barracks. In 1931, the school was separated by gender, and in 1935 it was renamed The European Girls Secondary School, with Miss Kerby as its first Headmistress. The school's buildings consisted partly of temporary wooden huts located on the compound of the present Nairobi Primary school, with whom the secondary school shared the present buildings. Staff housing was scattered in the vicinity of Protectorate Hill. In 1939, the school was renamed The Kenya High School.